Celebrities Who’ve Been Charged With Crimes

Being charged with a crime is scary. Your freedom is on the line after you’ve been charged with a crime and if convicted, it can turn life upside down. It’s important to hire a criminal law defense attorney chicago il to represent you in court to ensure the best outcome. Don’t feel alone in the criminal charge category. Many people have faced criminal charges in their time, even the celebrities listed below.

Phil Rudd

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was charged with attempted murder along with a host of other criminal charges in 2014 and as forced to cancel the remaining gigs of the tour with his bandmates. The attempted murder charge was later dropped.

Josh Duggar

One of the kids from 19 Kids and Counting, a TV show airing on the TLC Network, Josh Duggar was accused of child molestation when reports said he fondled five girls when he was a teen. Rather than go to the police about the matter, the family sent friends and a pastor to ‘straighten him out.’  The news broke in 2015, 12 years after the alleged incident.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is an actor who starred in many great films but he’s had his share of legal troubles. In May 2016, Amber Heard, the wife of Depp, filed for divorce, claiming the actor abused her during their tumultuous relationship. She finally received a $7 million settlement from Depp, which she donated to a local charity.

Snoop Dogg

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Rapper Snoop Dogg has been the center of many legal battles during his 25+ year music career and a few mishaps before this time as well, including a 1993 murder charge, of which he was later acquitted. Snoop Dogg has also been charged with drug possession a total of five times.